Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Steampunk Shrine for Father's Day

It's time for a 

was just the right size to create a collage of gears and wings for a piece that could easily be for a Father's Day Gift.

I lay out my pieces on the packaging that the shrine comes in, and then paint the pieces. When you're done, there's no cleanup, just toss the plastic sheet away and your'e ready to move on.

Here I used the new Patina Pastes on all the outside pieces, over a base coating of Gold Rush Metallique Paint. 

I used the same Gold Rush paint to the inside and added some stamped images with black Archival Ink.

Put it together with a small amount of white glue and you're ready to decorate.

I toned down the color a bit to make it more rustic with a bit of the Brown Rust Paste.

The gears from the kit were used to make the collage base that I glued onto a large wooden block. This raises the grouping of Mini Gears, Fancy Gear Charms, Small Antique Brass Steampunk Charms, and Copper Gear Mix, up from the back to make it more visible.

The Edwardian image of the man was added to the Ornate Plate and glued with Heavy Body Gel to the collage.

The Wings were colored with Stream Alcohol Ink. I found these in my stash of charms that were for earrings. Hard to tell where I got them! But that's the fun of it sometimes. Whatchagonnado?!?!

Add a couple of more copper pieces of ephemera, some Box Corners on the back, some tiny 3mm Brass Circles on the sides, and it's done.

I'm thinking this would make a great Father's Day present for someone, but I just enjoy Steampunk pieces for myself.

What do you think?

Your Friend in ART,


P.S. Click on all the links throughout the post for all the products you can get at Retro Cafe Art Gallery. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

A Rust and Patina Paste Makeover

The new Patina Pastes and Rust Pastes are out from 
Finnabair and Prima.

This is a piece that was created using the two products plus 
a few Micro Beads and some Mica Flakes.

All the Prima products used here will be carried by 
around May 25th.

This metal hanging plaque and resin medallion were found at Michael's.

The Rust Pastes go right onto the metal plaque with ease.

The Patina Pastes are added with a dry-brush technique.

I used just the Patina Pastes on the resin medallion.  A few Metallic Micro Beads and Mica Flakes are added last with Soft Matte Gel.

This new endeavor with Michael's will give some people who cannot order online and don't have art or scrapbooking stores near them a chance to buy just 8 of the many products that Prima produces.

Your Friend in ART,


Monday, May 1, 2017

My Favorite Santos Angel

Hi everyone!

It's my turn to post a project for the

I have been fortunate to have the new Patina Pastes from Finnabair in my Studio, and thought I'd combine them with a Santos Doll.

This one is my favorite, 
that stands about 11" tall.

All links are highlighted for the products used and will take you directly to the shop! 

I wanted to keep her base plain and simple like the vintage ones you see as relics. Most didn't have anything in the bottom of the cage area, and that's what I was going for. This one really is fairly simple in concept.

I started by base-coating my wings, legs, and bases with the Light Patina Metallique paint

Then comes the fun part! 

You can add these colors however you like, but this time I started with the Mint Green first and then the Blue Patina Effect Pastes. They have little grains in them that when dry, are great for adding other colors with a dry brush technique. 

I used some of the Rust Pastes Orange for just a bit more color and then the Brass Patina Paste on top of all of it. 

Here you can see how the light picks up the Brass paste on the top of the texture.

I left the Wings a bit lighter without as much Rust Paste to give them a softer color.

I assembled the base pieces but decided they could use some contrasting color.

This Steampunk Gear II Cut Out made with chipboard is painted with the Royal Red Metallique paint and the Brass Patina. A snap back fit perfectly in the center. 

I glued it together with Heavy Body Gel that is perfect when gluing to things with texture. 

I painted the doll next with 2 coats of flesh-colored acrylic paint. Then I drew a neckline on with a Sharpie and painted portions of the bodice and arms red. Stamp with black Archival ink and add Brass paint accents.

The Grungy Butterfly has mostly Mint Green Patina with just a touch of Brass, and various Metallique paints added on her wings.

The Ornate Fleur Cut-Out was perfect for her headdress and fit perfectly behind Art Doll Push Mold face made with paper clay. I used the same "really" old clear cling stamp from somewhere for the body and headdress.

I used Fresco Paints for the face and sealed with Soft Gloss Gel.

A Gunmetal Ball chain makes up her necklace and she has beautiful Rhinestone Chain (the ones linked are very similar) draped in her outstretched arms. 

I'm really happy with how she turned out....I think she's my new favorite!

On a personal note, I'll be having a Cholecystectomy on Thursday and may lay low for a while. Keep me in your thoughts for some good results. I'm tired of going to the ER with this thing they call a Gallbladder. It will soon be in a jar.

Your Friend in ART,


Friday, April 14, 2017

My Angel Winged Lady

 I found these amazing plaques at a huge Craft Store in Minnesota while on vacation. I bought several.

This transformation is probably the most remarkable of them all.

I covered the plain kraft-colored base with a combination of Stone Effects Paste-Pumice, Mini Art Stones and Texture Powder.

Then I glued the paper clay Iron Orchid Design moulded pieces in place.

When they were dry, I added a layer of clear Texture Crackle to the surface. Next glazes in brown and grey are painted on making sure to get into all the nooks and crannies.  This shows the piece dry. I took a baby wipe to the moulds and toned them down to create much lighter areas of contrast with the crackle.

I have several types of brass wings from Retro Cafe Art Gallery. I like to tone down the brightness by aging them with a bit of  Pewter Black patina and then buffing them with a Detailing Block to raise the shine.

I chose the Large Brass Angel Wings in the upper right for this piece.

Finnabair sent us 3 of her new Mechanicals sets and they were calling my name to be added in the open areas of the plaque.

The Patina Pastes are easily added with an alcohol ink colored rhinestone glued to the centers of the Metal Lotus. I rolled the petals a bit with a jewelry tool.

Metallique Paints and Waxes are used to brighten spots, but are hard to see here. Turning the project in the light makes a big difference.

The Cameo has copper Micro Beads set in a Vintage Trinket.

Mores waxes on the raised areas of the Pumice stone pick up some shine. It's all glued together with Heavy Body Gel. Amazing stuff.

That's it for today. I hope you'll be inspired to play, and please let me know what you think. As always.....

Your Friend in ART,


Iron Orchid Design Moulds - Escutcheon I and II, Keyholes
Resin Cameo
Texture Paste - Clear Crackle
Stone Effects Paste - Pumice
Mechanicals - Metal Lotus
Metalliques Acrylic Paints - Rusty Red, Rich Turquoise
Micro Beads - Copper
Memory Hardware - Vintage Trinket-Strasbourg
Vintage Brass Keyhole
Acrylic Paint - Paynes Grey
Large Clear Rhinestones
Alcohol Ink
Antiquing Glaze
Pewter Black Metal Finishing Solution

Friday, March 31, 2017

A Chapel Hill Stand-Up Village and G45 Papers

Today it's my turn to create a project for the

This is a made with the 

I always love to layer different cuts from the papers to create trims.

I also used a Round Stained Glass Window Cut-Out and a 

I trimmed down a Victorian Flourish Cut-Out for the top of this house 
and added a few Pine Tree Cut-Outs for balance.

Windows, doors, trees and other embellishments are painted with 
Art Alchemy Metalliques Rusty Red, Emerald Green and Green Olive.

I've loaded a short "walk around" video for you to see. Turn on CC.

I hope you're inspired to play and create.

As always, ask questions and share your ideas.

Your Friend in ART,


Monday, March 20, 2017

Phineas Pinchbeck Etched on Copper

 This is one of my all-time favorite stamps from 
The Artistic Stamper, Phineas Pinchbeck.

I used it on a piece of copper that I then etched and cut out with a jeweler's saw.

It's a totally different way to create a collage, and I love it.

This is a close-up of the piece. I believe Phineas is a Steampunk character, so the gears and knobs are fun ephemera to add to the collage.

The Iron Orchid Design mould was used on a plain black frame with Finnabair's waxes to added the only color. Patina Effect Pastes add some texture to the knobs, and embossing powder highlights the 2 Vintaj Ferns.

This is how the copper and brass pieces look with the stamped images on them before they're etched.

These are a few after they've been etched and the patina is added.

I glued on a few other items such as the arrow, key and tiny bulb. A mica powder spray is used for the background on black gesso.

Use chipboard and gears to build up the layers behind the copper. .

The frame and easel were a package deal from Michael's I found years ago. They sit nicely on the piano for a bit of nostalgic fun.

There's a short video on YouTube with the waxes and moulds.

Check out the links for products and I hope you have been inspired to play.

Your Friend in ART,


Iron Orchid Designs/Prima - Vintage Art Decor Mould-Moulding 1 
Creative Paperclay - Modeling clay
Vintaj - Fern Curving Right
Gears - Silver and Brass, Brass Gear Mix (Retro Cafe Art Gallery)
Mica Powder Spray, Black Chipboard, Embossing Powder, Copper Sheet, Etching Fluid

Friday, March 10, 2017

Tree of Life Door Shrine

This Tree of Life Shrine is a combination of several products and elements. 
It's using an ATC size shrine from 
Retro Cafe Art as the base.

Using 2 different Iron Orchid Designs Moulds, Escucheons 2, Keyholes, and paper clay, I created the 3 pieces below. When dry, I added the new Finnabair 
Patina Effects Pastes and the Brass Moth.  These will be the front and side embellishments. 

Pretty cool.

The door has Steampunk Copper, Wild Fuchsia, Pink Blush, and Dark Velvet Art Alchemy Acrylic Paints painted on with a sponge. The Small Pebble Stone Stencil and a white pen create the insides of the shrine.

The vintage knob from my collection was painted with clear gesso and the patina pastes. I also added a script stamp with archival black ink all around the outsides.

The Mini Gold Scalloped German Dresden is used as trim around the edges. A large advertisement stamp was used on the back. I love vintage stamps. The detail is amazing.

I glued the Fancy Brass Moth to the large mould, and painted a wooden ball with the new Dragons Eye acrylic paint Sparks. It shines with the same color as the brass moth.

The unfinished wooden legs were painted and glued on with Heavy Body Gel.

This side view shows how bright the Metallique paints are when the light hits them.

Just a little bit of glue puts the box together, and the elements are added with Heavy Body Gel.

Here's a little secret. I didn't have enough gold Dresden to finish all the areas I wanted. So I used Silver Mini Scalloped Dresden and painted it with 2 colors of Metallique paints. Perhaps you can tell which side is the painted Dresden, and perhaps you can' doesn't really matter, does it?  What do you think?

For inside the Shrine, I used a Medium Baroque Chipboard Cameo frame and the Pastes again. Here are the 4 steps to creating this effect with the 3 colors of the pastes. Really easy. Then I glued the vintage photo to a wooden block and added it to the inside. It fit perfectly!

This is the open door of the Shrine. Hard to get a good picture inside, but I tried. It kind of washed out the true color.

This project is really pretty easy to put together, and it's adorable on a shelf. You can store ATCs in it, a small gift, or a treasured vintage item if you choose not to add the vintage girl inside. 

The possibilities are endless.

I hope you're inspired to create, ask me any questions you want, and show me your projects!


Friday, March 3, 2017

A Decorated Tin Can and Video!

This was a gift from my daughter. It contained an Amaryllis bulb to plant.

I loved the flower...but the tin can intrigued me even more. 

This picture is before I decided I had to add even more's hard to know when to stop.

Here is what I did to decorate it.

I used paperclay and Iron Orchid Designs moulds to create several elements.
They're glued to the tin with Heavy Body Gel. 

Then I started to add Art Alchemy Waxes to the tin and the moulds using my finger and a soft brush.

The Tin Hearts are glued to the centers of 2 of the pieces. Archival ink stampings are added to the ridges using Signage II and Hardware II collections from IOD.

I made a short video after it was all done. 

Hope you enjoy and are inspired to play.


Finnabair Art Alchemy Waxes - Metalliques Rich Copper, Vintage Gold, Bronze Age - Antique Brilliance Red Amber

Finnabair Art Basics - Heavy Body Gel

Finnabair Mechanicals - Tin Hearts

Creative - Paperclay

Monday, February 27, 2017

An Adorned Flourish Shrine

This was a really fun project from Retro Cafe Art Gallery.

UPDATE: leave a comment on what you like about this project and you'll be entered to win 
all 3 Adorned Flourish Shrine Kits!!!

After I designed my Shrine, Journey with a Lovely Lady, Kristen decided to put together 3 kits that use the same idea with different elements. This made making this type of shrine much easier. You can see them in the shop. 

I used the Adorned Flourish Shrine Kit - Style 2 as the main component with a 
Clock Face mould and paper clay from

I painted the entire kit with black gesso. Then I added several colors of 
Art Alchemy Paints to the flourish and base. 

The metal piece over the flourish is a brass Round Ornate Frame with paints and Viva Inka Gold Waxes

All of these kits come in a flat piece of laser-cut Masonite. This is a picture of a previous project kit that was laid out and painted. You can paint, stamp, paper, and do all your decorating before you glue them together. It really makes a huge difference in the detail you can give a piece.

This shows a close up of the base piece with the beginning layers of Steampunk Copper and Emerald Green Metallique paints.

I added some Art Stones with the Soft Matte Gel in the box, and a wooden 1 inch 
square block to hold up the Clock Face.

This shows what you can do to a piece of silver German Dresden Decoration by painting it first with Heavy Black Gesso and then adding paints or waxes. I used both. These pieces were added to the sides.

They fit perfectly on the side of the shrine.

Here is a detail shot of the brass frame with a small bottle cap in the center and a vintage button from my collection.

I used another piece of German Dresden Border Fleur around the box edge. The Clock Face is dusted with several Opal Magic paints over the black gesso. 

I glued it all together and and it's ready to hang on the wall with my other Shrines.

If you have any questions just leave me a comment.

I'll get back to you and try to help.

Your Friend in ART,